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It’s frustrating to operate a service-based business when you’re facing numerous problems at the same time that all seem urgent.

When building a business on your own, it can be difficult to determine which solution will have the greatest impact. Let’s face it, our businesses are filled with complex problems and it can be exhausting.

Imagine what your life will be like when you can take vacation anytime you want to because your business can run without you.

✔ Gain confidence in your decision making.

✔ Leave behind feeling lost, overwhelmed, and frustrated.

✔ Know what to focus on for the greatest impact.

✔ Solve your problems by using successful strategies of my Service Industry Blueprint.

✔ Stop feeling like you’re on a hamster wheel with no forward progress.

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Providing a path to success.

I understand how difficult it is to prioritize what to do next when you’re unsure of what the right next steps are to grow your business. That’s why after starting, scaling, and selling an 8-million-dollar service-based business, I built this coaching system to help other entrepreneurs struggling with complex business problems that hold them back from creating the life and business of their dreams.

I know you can build a business that doesn’t own you!

You can take advantage of my 10 years of real-world experience running a service-based business just like you. With my proven system, you will know what priority is most urgent, feel confident you’re making the right decisions, be able to hire and retain top talent, and you’ll make more money with less effort.

So, schedule a no-stress call today. Why? Because you shouldn’t have to learn every lesson about running a business by suffering through it.

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us...

"I can't begin to describe how valuable [Successful Concepts] has become for me and my business. After 30 years I thought I had most things pretty much figured out. What I've learned from Brian has been life changing.”

~ Joanne Sandberg
Rainier Chemdry

"Brian has been able to take complex [topics], such as financials, and reduce them so they are easy to deal with, make sense and you are able to create an actionable plan on how to run your business effectively. He does this by removing the clutter that gets in the way of making easy, effective and rational decisions. I have worked with several consultants and Brian has done this better than any of them.”

~ Stacy Conner
Equipment Experts

"My big takeaway so far is the peace of mind that I have a ten year plan, and am making progress on that journey. It’s a big deal to tell myself on the really difficult days that I have a plan."

~ Dusty Hoerler
Craftsman Plumbing

Getting Started is Easy


The first step is to determine the goals you have and uncover the gaps that are holding you back so you can build a thriving business.


During our work together, you will learn how to break down complex problems into simple strategies to reduce unnecessary frustration.


Many business owners struggle to know what to focus on to make the biggest impact. You’ll learn how to prioritize challenges.


Take all the practical knowledge you learned and implement the strategies and skills to build a business that doesn’t own you.

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"I’m so glad that I joined even when I already felt overwhelmed and felt that I had zero time to put towards another meeting...The Success Path is a great tool and has helped me realize where I’m at, and where I need or want to be. I like that I can still go at my own pace and can go back and rethink things and watch the videos. It’s given me some direction which has been great. I like the passion [Brian has] when [he] speaks, and honestly, the desire to really help people with their business. I feel I get more out of the membership then I’m paying for!"

~ Jen Noland
Spartan Agency
How to Prioritize Your Problems, Stop Working All Hours of the Day, and Build A Service-Based Business That Can Run Without You...

...even if you don’t have much time to spare, feel like you’re always facing several critical issues, and are frustrated and overwhelmed but not progressing.



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