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 MySuccessWorx teaches, and helps you implement, the skills to have more control, and scale your business, while working less.

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Who would  the curriculum best  serve? 

This training is for people who own a home, auto, or B2B service business and want the clarity and skills to grow a thriving business with effective controls in place allowing them to work less, without feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or frustrated:

People who get the most out of this membership often join having these thoughts and feelings:

I hate feeling like my business owns me, but I can’t trust my employees enough to allow them to make decisions, so I have to keep up on everything.

What if you...

  •  Could delegate some decision making so you could focus on the big picture
  •  Knew exactly what to maintain control of and what you should delegate
  •  Didn’t have to keep up on every process, critical action, or deadline
  •  Had confidence that you could grow your business because you making every critical decision is not longer the bottleneck

I’m tired of sacrificing so much of my time at home or taking work along on trips away where I should be spending time with my loved ones.


  •  Taking time off without worrying about what you might come back to
  •  Feeling like you owned your business, not the other way around
  •  Not having to explain to your family, yet again, why you have to make time for work at home
  •  Having the flexibility to take time for family, church, traveling, hobbies, and even some time for you, whenever you want

I have a million challenges to “fix”. But I don’t know which one is the most urgent or will help me make the most amount of progress, in the quickest amount of time.

What if you could...

  •  Eliminate the noise and focus on the handful of priorities that will make you the most amount of progress
  •  Confidently invest your time and energy into what is best for your business right now
  •  Implement proven strategies that will solve the biggest problems you have right now
  •  Gain confidence by knowing that you are focusing on the right things today

I feel like I’m erratically putting out one fire after another, but I don’t really feel like I’m getting anywhere. I don’t even know what I’m trying to build.

Peace of mind…

  •  Identifying exactly what to build so you can reach your financial and time freedom goals
  •  Literally crafting a step-by-step plan to reach that specific business ownership goal
  •  Seeing and feeling measurable progress from where you started to where you are going, instead of feeling stuck
  •  Having the ability to see what is happening now, and what to expect in the future

I wish this wasn’t so hard. I know how to run my business. I just need to learn exactly how to overcome the employee and process-related challenges I face.

Visualize yourself…

  • Having the right tactics, tools, and even words prepared to take on any challenge
  •  Knowing that the processes and strategies you are putting in place have been proven to work in other companies just like yours
  •  Being able to hold your team accountable without fearing they won’t like you are that they will leave
  •  Knowing you are ready for whatever comes

I’m often stressed out. But nobody, not even my spouse or employees, understand what I’m going through, so it feels like I’m completely on my own.

Join our group so you can…

  •  Share stories and experiences with people who know exactly what it feels like to be where you are
  •  Get perspective from people who are facing or have faced exactly what you are up against
  •  Hear from other business owners what they have tried to solve the problems you face, and which solutions worked best
  •  Finally be with people who understand you
Schedule a No-Stress Zoom Call with Brian Today!

What are the outcomes?

  • You will gain clarity, peace of mind, and more control over performance.
  • You will know exactly what you are trying to build, and the precise steps to take to get there.
  • You will know which areas of your business to focus on right now, that will make you the most amount of progress – based on where your business is today.
  • You will know which key areas really drive your business, as well as how to get your employees to embrace and excel in each of those key areas.
  • You’ll know how to set processes up to run effectively without you.
  • You will know which processes must be documented as procedures and exactly how to create those procedures.
  • You will know how to read and use your financial documents.
  • You will know how, and when, to step away from your business in a way that allows it to continue thriving.
  • You will learn the methods and structure to educate and train your team to naturally make better decisions.
Schedule a No-Stress Zoom Call with Brian Today!

What is Included?

  • Kick-off/Intake form

Gain confidence and clarity by identifying your key pain points, and learning the action plan

  • (30 mins) Onboarding with Brian

Start solving your specific problems, get familiar with the program, learn to navigate the site, and ask questions

  • A 90-minute group  call via Zoom each week

This is where you will learn the skills and strategies with other business owners facing the same challenges you are 

  • Post-meeting access to all group Zoom meetings

Each meeting will be available in case you want to refresh your memory on a topic, or in case you can’t make the meeting.

  • A step-by-step action plan to overcome the challenges you are facing with your people, processes, and profitability

Each topic is taught in an actionable, step-by-step fashion

  • Private FB group mastermind

Mastermind with other like-minded entrepreneurs

Get on-demand support to help you overcome obstacles from other like-minded business owners

  • Access to “The Vault”. 65 lessons on how to build, scale, and exit a thriving service-based business

Unlimited access to modules and lessons available at any time to help you overcome a challenge you are facing today.

These lessons cover topics like:

  • Overcoming your fears
  • Getting to the root cause of any problem
  • Interpreting your financials
  • Solving employee problems
  • Creating and improving procedures
  • Succession planning
  • And so much more!
Schedule a No-Stress Zoom Call with Brian Today!

Why Should You Act Right Now? 


You want to see results. You want something that has worked in real life, for business owners in situations just like the one you are in.

You don’t want to waste your time talking about theoretical ideas someone came up with in a classroom or at a motivational seminar.

You want to be the best! Even though you’ve thought about hanging it up at times, you want to be in the “Successful Business Owner’s Club”.

You want others, including your team, to see that you are genuinely successful.

You want to have less stress with your employees. How awesome would it be to have them completely on board, and helping you make improvements?

You don’t want another huge time commitment. You want to make progress.

You want to be able to do this while working a reasonable number of hours every week. You can’t keep taking work home and/or continue robbing time from your family.

I am offering that, right now. Today.

Schedule a No-Stress Zoom Call with Brian Today!