B2B Business Coach & BAA Course in Phoenix AZ

Solving the most significant problems in your business: People, Processes, and Profitability. Giving you the clarity of a proven plan, and the confidence to implement it.

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Coach For Business Owners Phoenix AZ

Who is this course for? 

This course is for business owners in Contracting, Home Services and B2B Service industries who can relate to any of these problems:

You are doing more and more yourself, which means you are working way too much, and you aren't making any real progress getting out of this situation.


  •  Being able hold your team accountable, without being afraid
  •  Delegating, so you can manage the company instead of every process.
  •  Trusting your team to make important decisions, so you don’t have to
  •  Find the future leaders of your company, so you can have some support
  •  Having more time, so you can enjoy being a business owner

You’ve repeated yourself so often that you’ve lost most of your credibility. You're overseeing more processes and double-checking more tasks than is sustainable.

What if your employees…

  •  Followed directions, without you repeating yourself over and over again
  •  Got on board with the company’s initiatives without begging or threats
  •  Consistently followed the processes vital to customer satisfaction and maintaining profitability
  •  Made solid decisions so you could be confident things are being done the right way
  •  Took initiative to help you make improvements

This is going to be your legacy. Continuing to operate without procedures in place, and without really understanding the financial piece of your business is too risky.

Picture yourself…

  •  Having your vital procedures documented and routinely followed
  •  Gaining more time because documented procedures have established effective controls
  •  Quickly reading and understanding your P&L and using it to make important decisions
  •  Working on growing your business, instead of micromanaging every detail
  •  Confidently knowing that you can see and fix minor issues well before they become big problems
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B2B Sales Coaching Phoenix AZ

What is the commitment?

This course will only take 90 minutes of your time every week for three months. Of course, you can invest more time and speed up your progress if you like.

 Outcomes of this  course?

  • Know the specific reasons employees don’t follow directions, and exactly how to overcome them.
  • Have a proven, step-by-step, process to hold your team accountable without feeling like a jerk, or that they will leave you.
  • Know exactly how to handle any employee challenge you face.
  • How to improve processes so your team will be more likely to follow them and to maximize performance.
  • Have a detailed plan for documenting procedures – which is easier than you think
  • Be able to read and interpret your P&L within 15 minutes each month, and use it to make decisions.
  • Know the key areas in your business, and immediately see if you business is performing well in those areas, and if you have made improvements year over year.
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What is Included?

  • Kick-off/Intake form

Gain confidence and clarity by identifying your key pain points, and learning the action plan.

  • 1:1 (30 mins) Kick Off with Brian

Start solving your specific problems, get familiar with the program, and ask questions

  • A 90-minute group call via Zoom each week

This is where you will learn the skills and strategies with other business owners facing the same challenges you are

  • Post-meeting access to all group Zoom meetings

Each meeting will be available in case you want to refresh your memory on a topic, or in case you can’t make the meeting.

  • A step-by-step action plan to overcome the challenges you are facing with your people, processes, and profitability

Each topic is taught in an actionable, step-by-step fashion

  • Private FB group mastermind

Mastermind with other like-minded entrepreneurs

  • 1:1 SOS direct support messaging with Brian (24-hour response time)

Get on-demand support to help you overcome obstacles

  • Access to “The Vault”. Over 50 additional lessons on how to build, scale, and exit a thriving service-based business

Step-by-step solutions for many challenges you will face on your journey of growing your service business – from overcoming fear to successfully exiting.

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Why Should You Act Right Now? 

You shouldn’t have to learn every lesson about running a business the hard way.

This course was designed for business owners like you and is taught by someone who gets your challenges because he was once exactly where you are today.

You’ve wanted to fix your problems, and to find solutions you can trust and believe in, because they have been proven to work in businesses just like yours.

You don’t want another theoretical fix taught by someone who has never even owned a business – let alone had to face the struggles you have with employees, keeping commitments to customers, and trying to make it all work so you can have a life too.

You want to see results. You want something that has worked in real life.

I am offering that, right now. Today.

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What is the Process?

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Tackle Your Most Pressing Problems
Determine If We're A Good Fit
Take Action And Measure Progress
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Developed from real-life experiences. Proven Results for business owners just like you.

Here is a sampling of success stories from our clients.

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