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A few years ago, I noticed that there were many “Business Coaches” out there who had never actually owned a business themselves. As a business owner who had experienced the massive amounts of stress and fear that come with owning a business, learning this made me really… well… angry.

I thought back to the times I felt overwhelmed and frustrated, and on some particularly rough days, even desperate. And thinking about how vulnerable I was in these moments is why I got so angry. Like many business owners, there were plenty of times that I could have really benefited from some help, but because of shame, embarrassment, or being disappointed in myself for not knowing how to do it on my own, I was reluctant to reach out to anyone.

So I thought, what if – in those moments of desperation – I would have reached out to someone who had a good sales game, but couldn’t help me with the real problems I faced in my business? That could have been catastrophic!

I also knew, as someone who had been in the business ownership trenches, that because of the practical experience I had starting and then scaling a business to a point where it was profitable, thriving, and which I could step away from pretty much whenever I wanted, that I could help business owners who were facing those very same challenges I had faced before.

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OK. Getting back on track…

This is exactly what compelled me to make a major change in my life, even though I, admittedly, had it pretty easy at that point. But I knew I wanted to help business owners in a meaningful way. I wanted to help those who were stuck or feeling that frustration from not making the kind of progress they wanted, or those who just needed some help to get their business to that next level.

So, I sold my shares of my company and dove into the work of helping business owners who were right where I once had been. I knew I needed to share the information that I had learned the hard way.

Most of the business coaches out there focus on ‘mindset’, resilience, and determination. I completely agree these characteristics are very important to being successful in business. But, in my opinion, coaches focusing only on drive are missing a significant piece. We must also know what to do, when to do it, and of course, how. This is where my practical experience is crucial in helping others.

And after working with a number of business owners, and seeing the relief and confidence they feel now compared to when we first started working together… well, I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Thanks for stopping by, and I can’t wait to meet you!