Business Tactics and Immediate Problem Solving

(Business TIPS)

 A supportive community where insights on navigating common business hurdles are freely shared among business owners.

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Business Tactics and Immediate Problem Solving

(Business TIPS)

 A supportive community of peers, who really get you and what you are going through, helping you solve problems that are costing you time and money, causing stress and anxiety, and holding you back.

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Who does this membership  serve? 

This membership is for executive leaders who want a place to get immediate solutions to problems they are facing right now from someone who has faced the same problems. It’s also a place to learn new skills and strategies to prevent these same kinds of challenges, inefficiencies, and headaches later on.

What's in it for me to join?

Immediate problem solving...

  • You know how to run your business. But we all face challenges that hold us back longer than we would like. You will get immediate solutions to problems you are facing right now. And you will also hear solutions to problems others have that are very similar to your own.

Practical skills and strategies...

  • Getting where we want to go will take different skills than the ones that got us where we are today. You will shorten your learning curve by avoiding mistakes others have made, and by gaining knowledge shared by other leaders who have been right where you are today. The practical, real-world strategies Brian provides are shared through actionable, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions.


  • You’ll join a community of executive leaders just like you, going through exactly the same things you are.
  • As a decision maker, you are bombarded with people selling you products and services. You don’t know what works and what doesn’t. The peers you will find in this group can tell you what they’ve tried from the perspective of someone rooting for you, not preying upon you.
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What do I get in this membership?

Your Membership Includes

  • Two, live 90-minute Zoom calls per month to solve problems you are facing from someone who has been right where you are today
    • 1st Thursday at 2 PM Pacific / 5 PM Eastern
    • 3rd Tuesday at 9 AM Pacific / Noon Eastern
    • Calls are recorded and made available for those who cannot attend a meeting
  • An online community of like-minded leaders who are ready to share ideas and help each other

All for just $97 per month

Membership also includes these bonuses!

  • A PDF copy of Brian’s Service Industry Success book
  • A PDF copy of the Service Industry Success Path
  • Access to Brian’s entire video library – The Business Advancement Accelerator

 Just this video library alone is a $2,500 value!


Plus you will also get this!

A new tool, aide, or guide, created with the singular purpose of making your life as a leade easier – delivered to your email every quarter.

  • These tools and guides are delivered at a pace which will allow you to utilize them without feeling overwhelmed.
  • They are full of proven tips and tactics to help you put out existing fires faster, while also including strategies and concepts to prevent future problems before they even happen.
  • Plus, Brian will be right here to walk you through implementation if you ever have a question.

These quarterly deliverables – each valued at over $250 and created just to save you time, money, and frustration – are yours at no charge.


What is the fine print?

  • Your camera must be on at all times while on the Zoom calls.
    • (Our conversations often involve delicate topics involving employees, as well as process and service failures. Members will be vulnerable by admitting they have challenges they do not have solutions for. It can be hard enough to share this information. Being seen by an audience you cannot see adds to this discomfort a great deal. So as a courtesy to each other, we must always leave our cameras on.)
  • Memberships are per person, not per company, and only the member may attend the Zoom calls.
  • Recorded Zoom calls may not be shared with non-members.
  • This is not a group for prospecting. Direct solicitations are not allowed.

What else do I need to know about the membership?

  • There is no mandatory meeting attendance – come as often as you can. We hope to see you at every meeting, but we understand that scheduling conflicts will happen.
  • Questions will be answered in the order received, so questions emailed in advance will be answered before live, impromptu questions
    • Don’t worry, a reminder email will be sent out in advance of the meeting so members will have ample opportunity to submit questions. 
  • There is no long-term commitment. It’s a month-to-month recurring payment that you can cancel at any time.

How can I get a free membership?

Members who have referred at least two active members will receive a complimentary membership as long as at least two of their referrals are active members in good standing. In other words, if you refer two or more people who become members, you do not pay for your membership as long as at least two of your referrals have active memberships.

(Each new member can only list one referral source)

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