The Build a Business That Can Run Without You Online Course

A step-by-step online course for service-based business owners to clarify complex problems and make your business thrive.

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You Deserve to Have a Successful Business

  • Does it feel like your business owns you?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed and stuck on a hamster wheel with no forward progress?

  • Do you want to have clarity and confidence in your decision-making?
  • Are you tired of high turnover and training costs?

  • Is it confusing to figure out which problems need your time and attention?

  • Have you tried other trainings and courses that haven’t worked?

Imagine what life will be like, working when you want to, not because you have to...


The Build a Business That Can Run Without You Online Course

With this course, you will…

  • Create your vision and goals.
  • Identify your training priorities.
  • Learn how to diagnose any problem in your company.
  • Set your processes up for success.
  • Understand basic accounting and finance.
  • Learn how to hire and retain top talent.
  • Gain confidence in your decision-making.
Enroll Now for only $197!

What People Are Saying...

"The goal of a business coach is to make their clients more successful while simultaneously making life easier for them as well. Brian has been able to take complex topics, such as financials, and reduce them so they are easy to deal with, make sense and you are able to create an actionable plan on how to run your business effectively. I have worked with several consultants and Brian has done this better than any of them. I would highly recommend signing up for his membership."

~ Stacy C
Equipment Experts

“I can't begin to describe how valuable Brian’s coaching has become for me and my business. I've been a business owner for 30 years, so I thought I had most things pretty much figured out. What I've learned from Brian has been life changing...I highly recommend this program to any business owner that wants to improve any area of their company. I don’t know of any other program where you can learn such excellent, real life business concepts, and have a fabulous coach all packed into one course."

~ Joanne S
Rainier Chemdry

"Brian offers some very valuable advice for business owners at various levels in their business. A couple of the things I have gained so far is thinking more like a customer, rather than a business owner, when I am assessing [the customer’s] needs and offering practical solutions. I’ve also gained a lot out of the financial part, which has encouraged me and motivated me to take a harder look at using my profit and loss as a tool that should be tuned up and used regularly."

~ Kevin H
Center Collision

I Know Because I Have Been You

I’m Brian Harding, founder of Service Industry Success. I started coaching service-based business owners like you, so you won’t have to struggle on your own like I did.

I know how frustrating it is to operate a service-based business. Especially when you’re facing numerous problems at the same time that all seem urgent.  Worse, how do you determine what to tackle first or which solution will have the greatest impact?

While starting, scaling, and selling a multi-million-dollar service-based business, I dealt with a lot of the problems that you’re dealing with now and can help you avoid the overwhelm and grow your business in a way that gives you balance and freedom.

I believe you shouldn’t have to learn every lesson about running a business by suffering through it.  So, Enroll in the Course Now, and start building a business that will pay you for a lifetime, a life that you will actually love.

Enroll Now for only $197!

If you’re tired of feeling lost, overwhelmed, and stressed, you’ve come to the right place.

When you enroll in the course, you will…

  • Figure out which tasks are actually urgent and which ones can wait.
  • Determine your key priorities for growth.
  • Optimize your time and stop working all hours of the day.
  • Develop and document processes with confidence.
  • Build a business that gives you the flexibility to work when you want to, not because you have to.
  • Be confident that you’re spending valuable resources in the right place.
  • Build a profitable business that can run without you.
Enroll Now for only $197!

A Detailed Look at What You’ll Learn…

  • Module 1: The Service Industry Success Path
  • Module 2: Creating Your Vision and Goals
  • Module 3: Distinguishing Your Company From Your Competition and Identifying Your Training Priorities
  • Module 4: Developing a Business Owner Mindset
  • Module 5: Gaining the Confidence to Hold Your Employees Accountable Without Being Afraid They Will Leave or Resent You
  • Module 6: Hiring Great Employees and Inspiring Excellent Performance
  • Module 7: A Step-by-step Guide to Hold Your Employee(s) Accountable Without Feeling Like, or Being Perceived as, a Jerk
  • Module 8: How to Diagnose the Root Cause of Any Problem in Your Company
  • Module 9: Setting Your Processes Up For Success
  • Module 10: Teaching Your Leadership Team Problem Solving and Process Improvement Principles so They Can Improve Processes
  • Module 11: Using the P&L and Cash Flow Forecasting to Make Sound Decisions
  • Module 12: Developing Effective Leadership Skills
  • Plus, THREE Bonus Modules: Protecting Your Business, The 7 Deadly Defects That Put Companies Out of Business, and Succession Planning
Enroll Now for only $197!

Transform Your Business & Transform Your Life


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