Are you looking for a speaker who can speak from practical experience?

 Anyone can read a book.  Not everyone can write one.

We go further by learning from the experience of others.  I'm here to share mine.


After having experienced the many pitfalls that accompany starting, growing and selling a service business, I wish there had been a blueprint for me to follow. It certainly would have been easier if there had. But now that I made it through the entire business ownership cycle, it would be almost cruel not to share what I have learned so that others will not have to endure the same hardships I have.


If you're asking yourself questions like these:

  • Where would we find a speaker who is really passionate about helping service industry business owners?
  • How do we find a speaker who has started, built and sold a service business?
  • How do we find a speaker who has practical, 'hands on' experience and not just a speaker who has taken a class about how to run a business?
  • Where could we find a speaker that can take the complex problems facing business owners and break them down into manageable, actionable solutions?

...Brian is probably a great speaker for your event.  Fill out the form to your right so we can find out for sure.

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