Entrepreneur, Former Service-Based Business Owner, & Expert Coach

You shouldn’t have to learn every lesson about running a business by suffering through it.

Hey there, I’m Brian.

I know how frustrating it is to operate a service-based business when you’re facing numerous problems at the same time that all seem urgent. 

After starting, scaling, and selling an 8-million-dollar service-based business, I built this coaching system to help other entrepreneurs like you.  If you are looking for an expert coach who actually knows how to uncover and solve real business challenges quickly, and you would love to work when you want to and not because you have to, then we need to talk.  

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How I Got Here

At 33, I was the youngest General Manager in the country with the national company I worked for. I went on to start my own service company with two partners, which we built to a team of over fifty people and a fleet of over forty trucks. There, I struggled through all of the complex business problems that you’re dealing with today, and that’s when I realized that I could help other entrepreneurs grow and scale their business without suffering like I did.

Now I own my own consulting and coaching business - Successful Concepts. I’m passionate about helping business owners like you implement systems which empower teams while simultaneously giving you the freedom you want. My background in service-based businesses coupled with expertise in Process Improvement, Sales, Accounting, and Leadership allows me to with speak first-hand knowledge on a variety of topics.

Alongside running Successful Concepts, I’m an author, host of the Service Industry Success podcast, and a family man. Outside of my personal life, I’m dedicated to helping other service-based business owners achieve their dreams and find solutions to problems that business owners often face. Why? Because I don’t believe that you should have to learn every lesson about running a business by suffering through it.


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The Service Industry Success podcast is for service-based business owners to learn more about their path to success and the steps they need to take to grow a profitable business.

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